What if some people have complex health problems that are not being fully recognised?

And what if their symptoms are actually a syndrome or condition that is underdiagnosed, or yet to be discovered?  What do we do?

Public hospitals and private healthcare companies alike are struggling to meet the needs of people with complex health issues. These include autoimmune and autonomic disorders and disability related conditions.

Without timely treatment, symptoms become chronic and even more costly and difficult to manage. Reporting symptoms properly is key - yet many people struggle to do this - for all sorts of reasons. Overcoming these barriers is critical.

What if we give everyone better and more effective ways to report their symptoms? What if we encourage everyone to look at human health, diseases and disorders from a more integrative, systemic perspective?

Using the principles of user-led design and through co-design we are:

  • Building tools and services to help people identify track and report their symptoms,
  • Gathering what works, insights and patterns and together discovering treatments & protocols 
  • Building a partly patient-owned enterprise to develop and market them.
  • Together redefining healthcare to better fit people's needs, and ensuring that everyone benefits.

We are currently preparing to more from protoype to pilot, with the support of expert advisors, and our research and project partners.

We are also connecting with people who have  a whole range of complex health issues and who would like to test our services and tools.

Please contact us to find out more using the form below, or sign up or request to join the FB test group using the links at the foot for this page.